Mochi: The Homecoming, and Before

We start our story in the summer of 2018. We decided that it was time to add a dog to our family, and that a Portuguese Water Dog puppy would be the best fit.

With some searching and some luck, I found that Karma Portuguese Water Dogs had a litter on the way, one of which was not yet promised to a family. We visited Anat at Karma in North Providence and signed up for one of the nine puppies in the litter.

The puppies were born on August 22, 2018. We were able to visit the adorable little bundles of fur and fun a couple of times, and to watch them on a video feed that Anat set up. Each puppy had a soft collar, and was identified by the color of that collar.

We got “Blue Girl”. Here’s the photo that Anat sent us when she texted us the news.

So why the name Mochi? Well, both kids’ names begin with M, and we wanted to continue that. We were discussing names before we knew if we would get a boy or a girl, so gender-neutral names had an advantage. And Mochi is a dessert…

We collected Mochi from Karma on October 17. Here she is on the following day, making herself at home. She weighed less than ten pounds.

She ate well, and would have soon outgrown that bed, had she not chewed it to destruction first.

But I’m getting ahead of myself, and beyond the scope of this first post in the story of Mochi. If you want to look beyond the first couple of months of her life, check out the photos at andrew617401@instagram.

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