Canine Clients: Lovely Local Labs

Labs are understandably popular dogs, so it’s not surprising that two of my first dog walking clients are labs. They are both lovely, and within walking distance of my house, but they are very different.

Lily is a laid-back lab, although she now gets excited when I arrive, because she knows it’s walk time. Our first walk together was just the two of us, and included a visit to a local beach.

Over the next couple of days, she got to know Mochi. Mature (five years old) Lily was very patient with the lively puppy (nine months old) Mochi.

Luna and Mochi had met before, are about the same age, and so immediately started playing vigorously. Then they took a rest together, giving me a chance to take a photo that wasn’t just blurred fur.

So it was a good week for dog walking – and for alliteration. I hope that you enjoyed this account of Lily and Luna, the lovely local labs!

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