No More Dog Walking

First, I hope you are staying safe and healthy in this Corona-ravaged time.

Second, if you are spending more time at home due to Corona, you are spending more time with your dog. I hope that you are both enjoying that time together.

Third, as many are spending more time at home, the demand for dog walking has decreased. I’m getting out of the dog walking business, at least for the time being.

I will miss my canine clients, but this seems like a good time to focus on web design and other endeavors. Thank you to my human clients!

Mochi Birthday, Dog Park Distancing

Mochi turned two yesterday, so her “she’s only a puppy” excuse has pretty much run out. Here she is in the Barrington Dog Park this morning.

The photo shows that the park had a great diversity of dogs, and well-distanced people.

She Thinks She’s Chair of the Dog Park

Rosie is one of Mochi’s best friends at the Barrington Dog Park. This morning, Mochi wanted to lie around, but Rosie made her play. Then Mochi got up on a chair, but Rosie told her to get down. Relationships between dogs are fascinating!

Dogs Allowed Back in the Park

The Barrington dog park is open again! We humans still need to be careful to keep our distance from each other. The dogs are enjoying being able to run and play off leash. Here are Mochi (on the left, with low bow and high tail) and Dudley, happy to be reunited in one of their favorite places.

If you need your dog exercising, with a walk, a trip to the dog park, or otherwise, I’d be delighted to help! Don’t hesitate to contact me.

I hope that all, humans and dogs alike, are staying healthy and safe.

The Dog Taketh, and the Dog Keepeth Away

Mochi is “good” in many ways, and at many things. Two of the things she is best at are the related games of take-away and keep-away. One of the highlights of her young life so far combined these games in the Barrington Dog Park.

I don’t have video, or even photos, of that episode. So before describing it, I’ll include a photo of an episode at home involving her stealing Thor’s hammer, which is part of her human brother’s Halloween costume.

Now, to the dog park, where Mochi has taken and kept away many things: water bottles, gloves,… and, recently, a Snickers bar that had fallen from someone’s pocket. She proudly held the Snickers in her mouth, challenging the other dogs to take it from her. About half a dozen dogs took up the challenge and chased her. The chase went on for about 15 minutes.

The chasing dogs were soon joined by about half a dozen people. Perhaps they were afraid that Mochi or another dog would eat the Snickers and be poisoned by the chocolate. Thanks to those people, especially to the person who caught her.

She had not eaten the Snickers, having apparently decided that keep-away is more fun than Snickers-eating. By the way, I am reliably informed that the quantity and quality of chocolate in a Snickers would not be sufficient to hurt a dog of Mochi’s size (48 pounds).

As for Thor’s hammer, Mjolnir, it seems that Mochi is just about worthy to wield a plastic replica.

Every Day is Chewsday

Mochi might not have the most powerful jaws, but she has a very persistent nature. For example, last week, I got her a chew toy, and she set right to work tearing pieces off it.

After some online research, I decided I needed to get a particular toy from West Paw. “Our toughest treat toy, Tux has stood the test of time and up to some fearsome fangs.”

So far, so good. And Mochi’s chew/treat toy, like her collar and leash, is guaranteed. Shout out to Wests Paw–and to the Barrington Pet Valu, where they gave me a refund on the destroyed toy as I bought the new and far tougher toy.

Good Day for Good Dog

Today was a very good Mochi day, in more ways than one.

She paid her first visit to the dog park in Providence. She’s been to the park in Barrington many times, but it seemed like a good day to take her exploring. She made friends, and behaved pretty well.

She also behaved well when we lunched on the patio at Xaco Taco. Most of the time she was under our table, tired from the dog park, happy with her bowl of water, making no attempt to steal food.

Thus refreshed, we took her for a hike at Big River in West Greenwich. She enjoyed cooling off in a couple of the lakes. She was very good on the trails, staying close to us and coming when called.

Upon returning home, she wolfed her dinner and fell asleep. She probably won’t need an evening walk tonight.

Back in Barrington

We were away for a couple of weeks. It was a lovely break, but we missed Mochi and Rhode Island. Here she is on a recent morning walk at Allin’s Cove.

Guaranteed (Even If Chewed)

Guaranteed (Even If Chewed) is how Lupine Pet describes its collars, leashes, and other products. We have used that guarantee twice, first with a collar that Mochi destroyed by chewing the buckle, more recently with a leash that she chewed right through. Here she is trying to look innocent and adorable in her new leash.

The turtle pattern seems appropriate for a water dog, even more so when she’s at the beach.

The good people at Rumford Pet gave us the new leash (and before that, the new collar) upon production of the chewed item. We’re glad to be customers of Rumford Pet, and of Lupine. (By the way, these are not affiliate links.)

Do you know of any furniture that is guaranteed (even if chewed)? If so, please let us know in by leaving a comment.

Summer Cut

Mochi had her summer cut on Friday May 31. Her hair is a lot shorter, especially round her ears. Her white hair is a lot whiter.

I took her to Bruce’s Pet Grooming in East Providence. Bruce has recently opened his own place, having apparently become well known in the area grooming at other places. The new place is on Facebook. It doesn’t have a website; I hope that it soon will, and that I get the job!

Of course, Mochi soon got to work on looking less freshly groomed. She splashed in the bay,.

She played in the dog park… Here she is, rolling over for a 10-month old puppy.