Dog Walking in Barrington

Where would I walk your dog? The simplest answer, and the best answer in many cases is: on quiet streets near your home.

There are many other possibilities. That's one of the many great things about Barrington. We can discuss what's appropriate for your dog.

For some dogs, the best exercise is off-leash, and with other dogs. In this case, we will consider the Barrington Dog Park. I take Mochi there most days, and we love the space and the community of dogs and their people.

Webbed Dog and WordPress

Webbed Dog is powered by WordPress. I have used WordPress for more than ten years, seeing it grow from a blogging tool into a publishing platform used for a wide variety of websites.

For the forseeable future, I will build websites with WordPress. That said, if you prefer a different platform, we can discuss it.

A rich ecosystem thrives around WordPress. For example, thousands of different themes are available. Once I understand your requirements, including what you want your site to look like, I can advise on theme selection.

Webbed Dog uses the Neve theme, as do thousands of other WordPress sites. Since Neve is customizable, each of these sites has its own look and character.

Webbed Dog is hosted by SiteGround.