Every Day is Chewsday

Mochi might not have the most powerful jaws, but she has a very persistent nature. For example, last week, I got her a chew toy, and she set right to work tearing pieces off it.

After some online research, I decided I needed to get a particular toy from West Paw. “Our toughest treat toy, Tux has stood the test of time and up to some fearsome fangs.”

So far, so good. And Mochi’s chew/treat toy, like her collar and leash, is guaranteed. Shout out to Wests Paw–and to the Barrington Pet Valu, where they gave me a refund on the destroyed toy as I bought the new and far tougher toy.

Guaranteed (Even If Chewed)

Guaranteed (Even If Chewed) is how Lupine Pet describes its collars, leashes, and other products. We have used that guarantee twice, first with a collar that Mochi destroyed by chewing the buckle, more recently with a leash that she chewed right through. Here she is trying to look innocent and adorable in her new leash.

The turtle pattern seems appropriate for a water dog, even more so when she’s at the beach.

The good people at Rumford Pet gave us the new leash (and before that, the new collar) upon production of the chewed item. We’re glad to be customers of Rumford Pet, and of Lupine. (By the way, these are not affiliate links.)

Do you know of any furniture that is guaranteed (even if chewed)? If so, please let us know in by leaving a comment.