Web Design

Designing your site starts with what you want from your site. If you already know that, we can get started right away. If you don’t, I can help you define your requirements.

As to what I bring… I’ll provide details this month (May 2019). In the meantime, check out this site as an example of my web design work. As you can see:

  • I design for clarity and strong site identity.
  • I believe that the combination of words and images is more powerful than either words or images alone.
  • I love the ocean. I live in the Ocean State. To be more specific, I live in Barrington, which is on Rhode Island’s east bay. If you run a business or other organization in Barrington, I would love to discuss your web requirements.
  • I love dogs. Mochi is the Webbed Dog mascot. All dogs are wonderful: well, almost all, and lack of wonderfulness is usually due to humans rather than to dogs.

The above list may help you decide to contact me. So might my account of the platforms and partners I use. If so, that’s great.

Or you may decide to seek a different web designer. That’s great too: the WordPress ecosystem is very diverse in terms of designers available to you. But now more about me…

My personal site Changing Way provides another example of my design style.